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Big bathroom brand big event

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The Indian market revenue in the Indian market has exceeded 10 billion rupees within three years.

On August 20, Japan's Lisha Group stated that its target achieved sales of 10 billion rupees (about 857 million yuan) in the Indian market in the next three years. At present, Langju has conducted business in India through its Grohe Gaoyi and American Standard US standard. Langzhi pointed out that India is one of the fastest growing markets after Japan, the United States and China. Based on this, Langju is formulating a long -term strategy for the Indian market, including business in India and Gaoyi in the field of luxury and high -end bathroom accessories.


The linked of the five cities of the US standard five cities is strongly announced "It's good to go home"

Recently, the subject of the Midea is the topic of "going home", and the five cities such as urban high -speed rail stations and airports in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan have successively launched a new outdoor advertisement. At the reunion, we shared the warmth of the "home" with the passengers on the way. At the same time, it unveiled the new brand proposition of "love home. Love life".


Hangzhou Metropolitan Shop at Hangbai Home Experience Center opened

On August 21, the sixth space metropolitan store of the Arrow Card Home Experience Center opened. The arrow home experience center (Binjiang Metropolitan Shop) is a compound exhibition hall covering an area of 1018 square meters. The overall design is mainly simple style. The elegant and elegant style presents a simple design sense of super modernism. Integrate the three major categories of arrows, with innovative space design concepts, planning bathrooms, tiles, cabinets and closet areas, and bringing an extraordinary sensory experience to each user who came to visit the store. On the spot, the Arrow Sanitary Anti -star lineup -smart toilet, dual -fixed product, hardware faucet, etc., from the east charm to the western romance, from the new Chinese to modern minimalist wind, collided with unlimited combination.


Hengjie service won the top ten call centers for two consecutive years-Excellent Customer Experience Award

Recently, the Eighteenth Call Center Industry Development Summit and Annual Awards Ceremony hosted by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Call Center and Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee (CNCCA) were held in Datong, Shanxi. At this conference, Hengjie Customer Service Center and Quality companies such as Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Angel Water Purification Industry Group Co., Ltd. and other high-quality enterprises together won the "Top Ten Call Center of 2022-Excellence Customer Experience Award, which has won this award for two consecutive years.


Jiu Mu-Huawei signed a contract to deepen the whole house's wisdom in-depth cooperation

On August 23, the Chinese sanitary leader brand Jiu Muhe Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. The two parties will deepen the promotion of sanitary products to enter collaborative innovation, and start comprehensive and in -depth cooperation in the entire house of Zhizhi Home. era. Shao Yang, chief strategic officer of Huawei terminal BG, Shao Yang, president of the whole house, Lin Xiaofa, chairman of Jiu Mu Group, and the management of both parties attended the signing ceremony.


Wang Jia, president of Huida Sanitary Ware, visited many KA stores in Hangzhou

The 40th anniversary celebration of Huida has just ended, and Wang Jia, president of Huida Sanitary Ware, began to go deep into the market and visited Zhejiang Hangzhou Evergrande International Building Materials Homerious Center, New Era Home Living Plaza, Sixth Space Home Group ... , Communicate face -to -face with the person in charge of the Huida area, deepen the strategic cooperative relationship with the KA Home Store, and provide firm support for the terminal channel to empower the upgrade. It is reported that the main KA stores that are currently cooperated with Whom Sanitary Ware include home, Red Star Macalline, Yuexing, Eurasia, Damin Palace, Fussen Mei Home and so on.



National major research project team visited the survey ideal bathroom

On August 19th, a project team formed by Professor Liu Lejun of Jingdezhen Ceramics University of Ceramics, led by the school's doctoral design of the school to investigate the ideal bathroom. The theme of the project is "Research on the Development of Chinese Ceramics Arts 1949-2019", which aims to analyze, sort out the history and status quo of 70 years of development of Chinese-built pottery bathrooms and other enterprises. This is the key research company. Guang Wuxiang, the ideal bathroom chairman, met and introduced the company's brand development.


Chaoyang Sanitary Ware 2022 Hunan China Merchants Association was successfully held

Recently, the Chaoyang Sanitary Marketing Team went to Changsha and held the "2022 Hunan Merchants Association" with the Hunan Operation Center. At the launch meeting, President Zheng, general manager of Hunan Operation Center, first introduced the current status and future planning of the development of the Hunan region. The headquarters marketing team focused on the successful experience of the Yunnan and Chongqing China Merchants Association. One by one, the ideological understanding was unified, and finally deployed the measures, line planning, personnel mobilization and task allocation of investment. In addition, Chaoyang Sanitary Ware has enhanced the viscosity of customers and brands through WeChat group grass and other measures, and reserves customer resources for the successful success of China Merchants.


Home brand big event


Oupai Home Furnishing Group and China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) reached important strategic cooperation

On August 19, Opai Home Furnishing Group and China Jianbo (Guangzhou) officially announced to reach an important strategic cooperation. At the signing of the date, the two parties jointly exchanged for in -depth and friendly exchanges on the development trend and exhibition of the current home building industry and how exhibitions enabled the development of the enterprise. Liu Xiaomin, the general manager of China Trade Exhibition, stated that the China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) will provide one -stop customized services for the exhibition of Oupai Home Furnishing Group to ensure that the heavy appearance of the European home furnishing group has achieved a complete success. According to reports, in 2023, the Oupai Home Furnishing Group will participate in the 2023 China Jianbo Fair (Guangzhou) in the form of "1 + N", and will focus on displaying the new brands, new products, new models, etc. During this period, major activities will be held for major marketing.


IKEA China ’s 10 billion investment commitment has been fulfilled, and the planned investment of 5.3 billion yuan in fiscal year in 2023

On August 24, IKEA China held a fiscal year in Shanghai in Shanghai. In the past three years, IKEA China has gradually fulfilled a strategic commitment to invest 10 billion yuan. In fiscal 2023, the Ingka Group, which belongs to IKEA China, plans to invest 5.3 billion yuan to continue to consolidate and expand the fields and digital fields; through more relevant products and solutions, it will help Chinese consumers to create ideal home life; to enhance the full fullness Channel integration experience provides Chinese consumers with a convenient experience that is easy to be, inspired by inspiration and close to its consumption habits.



Industry / Policy Dynamics

Foshan 2 health companies won the Foshan City Quality Management Achievement Award in 2022

On August 24, the results of the Foshan City Quality Management Achievement Contest in 2022 were announced. The contest evaluates 76 quality team awards, 20 quality and cultural awards, and 5 quality co -administrative awards. In the bathroom industry, Anwar Sanitary Ware "builds an annual output of 300,000 toilet full high -voltage automation workshops" project won the first prize of quality team category, Foshan Farne limited company's "14 set of ABB polish workstation program development and application project" "Won the third prize of the quality team.

For example, Gu Mou, who sells infringements in Dongxian County, was fined 80,000 yuan

Recently, the "Zero Action" meeting of the market supervision system of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province was held. At the meeting, the fifth batch of typical cases of "Zero Action" was released, including the sales of infringement sanitary ware in Gu Mou, such as Dongxian County. Recently, the law enforcement officers of the Dongxian Market Supervision Bureau inspected the new project site of a middle school teaching building undertaken by Gu Mou in accordance with the law. There are 20 "wash pots", 4 "columns", and 1 "toilet". After identifying the Foshan Whale Whale Clean Restricted Company, the above -mentioned sanitary ware is not produced or authorized by the company. For example, the East County Market Supervision Bureau made administrative penalties for the parties to collect infringement products and a fine of 80,000 yuan.

Xuancheng Hansing Town Sanitary Water Town is expected to reach 1.2 billion this year

In recent years, Hubei Xuancheng Hanting Town Sanitary Ware Industry has been excellent from scratch, from scratch. As of now, Hansing Sanitary Ware Worch Industrial Park has attracted 27 bathrooms and related enterprises to settle, and nearly 1,400 labor migrant workers increase their income all year round. , The bathroom industry has become a new engine for rural rejuvenation in Hansing Town. From the planning of planning in 2007, to 2017, it is determined to take sanitary ware. From the beginning of 2019 "Sanitary Ware Steel Special Town", it will start to expand the park in 2021. In the second entrepreneurial period, the output value of the park exceeded 1 billion yuan last year, and it is expected to reach 1.2 billion yuan this year.

New changes in the standard of "Sanitary Joe-Toilet and Basin"

The Japanese toilet Industry Association released the latest version of the JISA5207 "Sanitary Fit-Toilet and Pot" standard on August 23, which adds a new category and testing method for the urine instrument. The standard says that the international standard ISO31600 (water efficiency label plan) takes effect in June 2022. It stipulates that water -saving efficiency requirements and implementation guidance for water -saving equipment (suitable for 8 aquatic products, including toilet and urinating device) are required. JIS's amendments will be consistent with international standards and reflect the product specifications in recent years. Since the Japanese toilet has been in line with international standards, this revision involves only urine. In addition, in addition to the international standard, the toilet also adds a wall -mounted rinseed valve -type toilet type II JIS symbol.

Reprinted from "Kitchen and Tutor Headline"