Environmental Protection Information of Xiamen Delmei Bathroom Co., Ltd

1、 Basic information:

Unit Name: Xiamen Delmei Bathroom Co., Ltd

Unified Social Credit Code: 91350211751603339R) Legal Representative: Yan Yongqiang

Address: 700-702 Caotang Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City

Contact information: 15306090839

2、 The main content, products, and scale of production, operation, and management services:

Annual production of 3.5 million showerheads, 750000 faucets, and 100 sets of molds (for personal use).

3、 Production process

The production process of the shower includes: plastic rice - injection molding - cooling - trimming - outsourcing electroplating - assembly - water testing - finished product; The leading production process includes: aluminum alloy accessories - assembly, ultrasonic spot welding - quality inspection - finished products; The mold production process is: S136- grinding, milling, drilling, wire cutting - mold matching - polishing - finished product; The die-casting production process includes: zinc alloy raw materials - melting - die-casting forming - partial demolding - trimming, polishing - outsourcing electroplating - finished products

4、 Production and pollution discharge situation

Industrial wastewater and domestic sewage: No industrial wastewater is discharged externally, while domestic sewage is discharged into the municipal pipeline network and finally enters the Tong'an Water Purification Plant; Exhaust gas: The exhaust gas mainly consists of polishing dust generated during the production of molds and die-casting parts, smoke generated during the melting die-casting process, and injection molding waste gas generated during the plastic rice injection molding process, which are systematically discharged into the atmosphere; Industrial solid waste or hazardous waste: waste hydraulic oil generated during the cooling process of the machine, waste hydraulic oil barrels, waste lubricating oil generated during the daily maintenance process of the machine, waste lubricating oil barrels, waste activated carbon generated from injection molding waste gas treatment facilities, general industrial solid waste includes waste scraps, defective products, packaging waste, and a small amount of dust collected during the polishing process, which are entrusted to the material department for recycling.

5、 Executive standards

Domestic sewage shall comply with the third level standard in Table 4 of the Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996), and ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen shall comply with the B-level standard in Table 1 of the Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewers (GB/T31962-2015); The particulate matter and non methane total hydrocarbon exhaust gas shall comply with the "Xiamen Air Pollutant Emission Standard" (DB35/323-2018); The noise shall comply with the Class 3 standard of the Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprise Boundary Environmental Noise (GB12348-2008).

6、 Construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities

The plant area is equipped with septic tank, domestic sewage is discharged into the municipal pipe network, and water testing wastewater treatment and reuse measures are taken; After the injection molding waste gas treatment measures are taken, it is discharged through a 25 meter exhaust pipe, and the particulate matter is treated through a dry filter to meet the standards before being discharged from the roof. Polishing waste gas and die-casting waste gas are treated with corresponding waste gas treatment measures to meet the standards before being discharged from the roof.

7、 Environmental impact assessment and other administrative permits for environmental protection of construction companies

On September 1, 2017, our company obtained the approval of the Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau Tong'an Branch on the Environmental Impact Report Form for the Production and Processing Project of Bathroom Accessories of Xiamen Delmei Bathroom Co., Ltd. (Xia Huan (Tong) Shen [2017] No. 239).

8、 Pollution discharge permit

Our company obtained a pollution discharge permit (91350211751603339R001X) on August 16, 2022.

9、 There is no emergency plan for sudden environmental events.

10、 Clean production is not available.

11、 Self monitoring

On September 29, 2022, our company filed a self monitoring plan for enterprises on the "Fujian Province Ecological Environment Cleaning Service Platform - Self Monitoring" platform.

During the publicity period, the public can inquire about relevant information from our company by letter, fax or other means, provide relevant opinions and suggestions, respond to problems, and leave contact information (name, address, phone number or email), so that we can respond to feedback in a timely manner.

Contact person: Ms. Ke

Contact number: 15306090839