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Development enters the deep water area. What does the bathroom industry break the growth ceiling?

2023-02-09 17:15:43 51

In 2022, more than half of it. In the context of economic growth, the bathroom industry is also moving forward, as if it has reached the growing ceiling. However, excellent companies still rose against the trend. For example, Hengjie not only maintained the driving force for continuous development, but also from January to June, it also occupied the top of large stores such as Red Star Macalline and Actual House.

The continuous growth of an enterprise will inevitably come from the layout of all aspects. For Heng Jie, the continuous development is inseparable from its deep cultivation of its own product technology and use scenarios, but the birth of these technologies and scenes stems from users. Because of the pain points in the user's home life, Heng Jie continued to upgrade products and scenes to solve the problem for users, and also opened the space for the company to continue to rise.

Pain, pain points, pain points, practical technology upgrade quality life

To explore the growth space with user needs as the core, we must deeply identify the pain points of consumption and crack the pain points, and these pain points are hidden in the user's clothing, food, housing, and travel. For the bathroom industry, driven by consumption upgrade, users have new requirements for the function of bathroom products and the experience of bathroom space, and they also face new pain points.


For example, the water pressure problem of smart toilet. As a more comfortable, smarter, and more hygienic bathroom product, smart toilet has been recognized and accepted by more and more consumers. Many people want to feel the convenience and comfort brought by smart technology. However, users who live in old communities, high -rise housings or rural areas often encounter insufficient water pressure, which leads to insufficient intensity of smart toilets and poor experience. On Weibo and Douyin platforms, the help of how to use smart toilets in insufficient water pressure can be seen everywhere, and many users have even developed solutions such as adding "booster pumps".

This pain point, Heng Jie took the lead in insight and was solved through technological innovation. Heng Jie's recent Q9X smart toilet, equipped with functions and technologies such as "ultra -virgin energy core dynamic water flushing system, new glaze of water net technology, and dual position sensing". "Dynamic water flushing system", the impulse is far exceeding the national standard of 4 times, and the breakthroughs achieve 0 water pressure. Moreover, in order to make users more convenient to experience the comfortable life brought by the smart toilet, Heng Jie launched the "Flash" smart toilet for new services, and it can achieve the upgrade of the bathroom space smart toilet in 2 hours as soon as possible.

Another example is the pain point of long -term existence of bathroom life -scale and stains. Soldiers such as faucet and shower, once it is cleaned in time, it is prone to water stains, or even rust, which will not only make the bathroom five -gold luster, but also easily breed bacteria. Although there are various methods for the removal of scale on the Internet, most of them are cured. The net technology launched by Hengjie Innovation, directly hitting the pain points of scale, stains, and solving the cleaning problem of bathroom products from the source. At present, Hengjie Water Net Technology has been applied to a variety of products such as Hengjie toilet, shower, and faucet to help users upgrade their quality life with practical technology.


Not only technology, but also product solutions that take into account individual needs

It is an important step in the sustainable development path with innovative technologies to solve the pain points of user pain and bring a higher quality life experience. However, Heng Jie's response to user needs does not stop at technology, and users have the individual needs of upgrading home life. In recent years, as the main consumer army has become more and more young, they have become the main force of market consumption, and they have become the main force of market consumption. The bathroom consumer market has also shown a trend of "quality" and "personalized".

Heng Jie's customized bathroom cabinets with a multi -series such as the luxury series, the rock watching series, the music series, the fun series, and the fun series. Atmospheric mirror, oval handle, narrow open cabinet and other functional modules to meet the personality needs and aesthetics of different users.

While taking into account the needs of consumers' personality customization, Heng Jie did not forget to inject core technologies into the bathroom cabinet products. For the bathroom cabinet, waterproof moisture -proof is the most critical part of the use effect and durability, because the bathroom is easy to accumulate moisture, ordinary bathroom cabinets are easy to mold, even cracking and deformation, and the service life is greatly reduced. Hengjie bathroom cabinet base material is upgraded. Hengjie and waterproof multi -layer solid wood. The waterproof and moisture -proof performance of the substrate is 4 times that of the national standard. Personal customization and technological innovation collide with each other, allowing Heng Jie's custom bathroom cabinet to harvest the favor of young users in one fell swoop and become a best -selling product in the bathroom market this year.


At present, under the macroeconomic environment of the frequent black swan incident, the bathroom industry is entering the deep -water zone of development. It is insufficient understanding of user needs. The case of Hengjie's rising trend also brings inspiration to the industry -to get out of the deep -water zone, it is necessary to use users as the center to create products, services and solutions that meet the needs of user needs, and promote the industry to move towards sustainable. High -quality development.