• Basic Introduction And Characteristics Of Hose

    Hose is an important part of modern industry. Hose is mainly used as wire and cable protection tube for wire, cable, automatic instrument signal and shower hose for civil use, with specifications rang

    2022-07-08 7

  • Introduction To Hose Shell Of Flower Sprinkler

    Double hook hose, strong tension (>120 Kg), strong torsion, to ensure that no cracking, no leakage.Comprehensive Testing: Special PVC or EPDM Internal Pipe Pass the Comprehensive Testing of Water P

    2022-07-08 9

  • Corrosion Causes Of Hose

    Causes of corrosionOxide films are formed on the surface of metals after they react with oxygen in the atmosphere. The iron oxide formed on common carbon steel continues to be oxidized, which enlarges

    2022-07-08 9

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